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Be sure to read renowned audio author Mel Lambert's interview with Bruce Black, Director of Engineering, in the July/August 2013 issue of CineMontage, the Motion Picture Editors Guild magazine. Click here.

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Acoustical RoomAnalysis? What's that?
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- Need world class acoustics?
- Need a neutral, uncolored sound so your work plays it best in other rooms?
- Need to fix annoying acoustic problems and sound intrusion?
- Need better acoustic solutions than myths, hearsay, guesses, and sorcerers tricks?

We creatively and carefully blend science and art
to make your critical listening space as accurate and good as it can!

- Using well documented, proven concepts
- Shunning any "proprietary", secret, or mystical materials, construction techniques, or design work
- Rejecting cheap, glue-on "acoustical" junk from the music store
- And forever banishing all
egg cartons

And check out these freebies!

- Read Bruce Black's article on his design of film mixer Paul Massey's personal mix studio - click here
- You can build your own high performance studio gobo - click here to read the article and here for free plans
- How to get good sound out of a small voice over booth - click
here for the story

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