If you’re thinking about upgrading an existing room, gluing sculptured foam may be the first thing you think of.
But a trip to a music store for this is certainly not your best first step. Many of their acoustical products are of questionable value and expensive, while the advice of their sales people is like asking a blind man for directions in Los Angeles. Good acoustical performance requires more than a box of sculptured foam or a funny shaped doohickey stuck on the wall.

There are many little details that affect the sonic quality of a room, and it is important to know what they are.
There are also many little specifications for each acoustical device. It’s important to know what these are and what they mean. Any other method is a shot in the dark - indiscriminate application of acoustical devices yields indiscriminate results.

And it’s especially important to quantify what is really happening in your room, so the actual problems can be addressed.
This is done with an Acoustical Analysis. The information gathered can then be examined with the sharp eye that comes from years of study and experience to determine what is, and what isn’t, deteriorating the room’s sonic quality.

The proper acoustical devices can then be selected based on their specific characteristics, and positioned in the proper location (yes, this is important). This way, real problems are fixed, and non-problems are left untouched.

This approach takes all the guesswork out of upgrading your rooms acoustics, and gives you the best results possible.

Click here for a detailed description of an Acoutstical Analysis and what it includes.

So give MediaRooms a call – we have the tools, knowledge, and experience to get it done right.