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Last updated June 7, 2011
Projects and Clients

Paul Massey -
5.1 Film Mix Room Acoustical Design and Analysis

HBO West Coast -
5.1 Executive Screening Room - Acoustical Design and Treatment
5.1 Screening Room Acoustical Analysis
Media Center Redesign and Reintegration

Michael Mann -
5.1 Screening Room Expansion
Home Theater Expansion and Upgrade

Larson Studios -
Two 7.1 Television Mix Stages Acoustical Design and Analysis
Foley Stage Acoustical Design and Analysis

Max Post -
5.1 Mix Room Acoustical Analysis and Upgrade

Light Iron Digital -
Three 5.1 Color Correction/Digital Interpositive Theaters Acoustical Design and Analysis

Testronic Laboratories
Quality Control Theater Acoustical Design and Tuning
Three 7.1 Quality Control Workrooms Acoustical Design
QC Room Tuning
QC Theater Tuning

Picture Head -
5.1 Mix Room Acoustical Design

Post Haste Sound -
Sound Intrusion Acoustical Design

In A Place Productions -
Upgrade Archive and Machine Rooms
Network Integration

Gradient Effects -
Digital Interpositive Theater Acoustical Analysis and Design
Machine Room Integration

Sound Logic Post -
Mix Room Tuning

Plaster City Post -
5.1 Theater B-chain upgrade

LightWave Systems -
Electronic Engineering