Acoustic Analysis
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Design and Consulting Clients
Motion Pictures, Television and Media -

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences - Beverly Hills, CA
Technicolor - Burbanks, CA
Artists Equity - Hollywood, CA
Skywalker Sound - Marin County, CA
Sony Pictures Entertainment - Culver City, CA
iHeart Media - Burbank, CA
HBO West Coast - Santa Monica, CA
Santa Monica Campus/Matt Groening - Santa Monica, CA
Paul Massey, Rerecording Mixer - Hollywood, CA
Michael Mann, Motion Picture Director - Los Angeles, CA
Buzzy's Recording - Hollywood, CA
Paley Center For Media - Beverly Hills, CA
Craig Wood, Motion Picture Editor - Los Angeles, CA
Studio Awesome - Hollywood, CA
Max Post - Burbank, CA
Larson Studios - Hollywood, CA
Full Mix Studios - Sao Paulo, Brazil
Radium/Reel FX - Santa Monica, CA
Audio Head - Hollywood, CA
Picture Head - Hollywood, CA
Post Haste Sound - Los Angeles, CA
Light Iron Digital - Hollywood, CA
Neptune Post - Glendale, CA
Ren Klyce - San Rafael, CA
Ken Perry Screening Room - Newbury Park, CA
Music -

Bruce Botnick, Film and Record Music Mixer - Hollywood, CA
Rafael Saadiq, Musician - North Hollywood, CA
Michael Boddicker, Synthesist Supreme - Hollywood, CA
Nathaniel Kunkel - Santa Monica, CA
Woodshed Recording - Malibu, CA
Barclay Crenshaw DJ and House Producer- Hollywood, CA
Watters Music - Simi Valley, CA
Marvin Music - Studio City, CA
Dark Art Mastering - Los Angeles, CA

Hospitality -

Hotel Virginia - Harrisonburg, VA
The Waterfront - Venice, CA
American Legion - San Fernando, CA

Church and Worship -

St. Anastasia Catholic Church - Los Angeles, CA
Oceanside Christian Fellowship - El Segundo, CA